DLS Group Civils Pty Ltd 



Registration Number CW710 


1. Pit, Pipe and Trenching


2. Installation of Bedding Sand, and backfill

3. Installation of Marker Tape and Cover Slabs

4. Kiosk S/S site Construction – Excavation and Slab

5. LV Underground Cable Hauling

6. HV Underground Cable Hauling

7. Installation of Earthing Systems

8. Worksite Auditor Civil




Under Ground Network Construction or Maintenance


Multiple Civil Crews with broad based experience in underground network construction & maintenance including:


‣ Underground Asset Location Identification


‣ Horizontal Directional Boring


‣ Non-Destructive Digging


‣ Trenching


‣ Asset Location Proving


‣ Pit & Pipe Installation


‣ Rod & Roping for Cable Placement


‣ Cable Hauling


‣ Concrete Cutting & Drilling


‣ Reinstatement Works


‣ Concrete Foundations & Slabs


‣ Pit & Valve Raising


‣ Asbestos Removal ACM Class B Licence


With our fleet of Company owned vehicles and specialist equipment no project is too big or too small for our highly skilled crews.
We have successfully completed projects across multiple utility sectors
including Gas, Water, Communication & Electrical, bringing our long history of quality to our Civil Construction projects.