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Our Services

  • Project Management
  • Detector Loops
  • Piezo Installations
  • Safety Cameras
  • Traffic Management
  • Accredited Traffic Management Implementation & Traffic Management Design
  • Weigh in Motion Systems
  • Boom Gates & Car Parks
  • Sensys Stud Installations
  • Car Park Bay Pods
  • Rail Pad Detectors
  • Smart Bus
  • Dynamic Faairway Systens
  • Valve & Access Cove Lifting
  • Cyclist & PedestrianWarning Lights
  • Associated Civil Works

What We Do Best

Our experience and commitment to quality makes us the outstanding choice for all Intelligent Traffic System in road and associated installations.

Project Management

Our over four decades of experience makes us uniquily qualified to manage small and large projects from start to finish and deliver exceptional results.  

Detector Loops

Department of Transport Victoria (VicRoads) prequalified (SVDL) for the installation of the full range of Detector Loops.

Piezo Installations

Having installed Piezo Sensors for traffic and safety monitoring on sites throughout Victoria our well refined process ensures excellent results.

Safety Cameras

Our experience and expertise has made us the preferred supplier to Safety Camera operators throughout the State.

Traffic Management

Accreditated with the Department of Transport Victoria (VicRoads) Accredited to undertake both Traffic Management Implementation & Traffic Management Design.

Weigh in Motion System

Installation for major contractors of pads & detectors to record traffic weight and motion required by Road Authorities. 

Boom Gates & Car Parks

Detector Loops to operate entry and exit of car parks and recording of activity.

Sensys Stud Installations

We have installed sensors on all major projects in Victoria in addition to being the preferred installer for the replacement and maintenance contract accross Melbourne.

Car Park Bay Pods

Installation of Car Parking Bay Pods to monitor occupancy of bays for integration to availability signage and parking enforcement.

Rail Pad Detectors

Manufacture of specialised rail detector pads used for advanced warning systems in Australian rail crossings.

Smart Bus

Installation of special in road detectors for intelligent bus signage and tracking systems.

Dynamic Fairway System

Installation of in road traffic warning lights for tram priorities.

Valve & Access Cover Lifting

Following road resurfacing we can assist in raising the Valve and Access Covers to the new road level to provide a smooth ride for vehicles.

Cyclist & Pedestrian Warning Lights

 In road lights to alert motorists of bikes approaching in bike lanes and pedestrians at pedestrian crossings with signals.

Associated Civil Works

When that extra piece of work is required to complete the job we have the experience and resources to finish it off.

Our Team

With the most experienced team of highly trained Installers we are unequally placed to provide the highest quality service for all requirements.


Sales & Operations Contacts

Ross Dancey
General Manager / Business Development Manager
Mobile: 0430 642 607

Paul Mynott
Facility Manager
Mobile: 0418 397 538