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Our Services

  • Project Management
  • Domestic Maintenance
  • Commercial Maintenance
  • Low Voltage Cable Hauling
  • High Voltage Cable Hauling
  • Communications

  • Department of Transport (VicRoads)
    • Traffic Signals
    • Pedestrian Crossings
    • Public Lighting
    • Help Phones
    • Electronic Speed Limit Signs (ESLS) Installation
    • CCTV Installation
    • Side Road Activation System (SRAS) Installation
    • Overheight Detection System
    • Car Park Systems
    • Point of Supply (POS) Installation

What We Do Best

Our experience and commitment to quality makes us the outstanding choice for all Civil work projects.

Project Management

Our over four decades of experience makes us uniquily qualified to manage small and large projects from start to finish and deliver exceptional results.  

Domestic Maintenance

Full range of Electrical Maintenance in Domestic settings.

Commercial Maintenance

Full range of Electrical Maintenance for all Commercial environments 

Low Voltage Cable Hauling

Experienced Low Voltage Cable Hauling.

High Voltage Cable Hauling

Experienced High Voltage Cable Hauling.


Installation of Communications Infrastructure in Commercial and Civil environments.

Traffic Signals

Experienced in all aspects of Traffic Signal Installation & Maintenance.

Pedestrian Crossings

Experienced in all aspects of Pedestrian Crossing Signialling Installation & Maintenance..

Public Lighting

Significant experience with Public Lighting Installation & Maintenance.

Help Phones

Installation & Maintenance of roadside help phone systems.

Electronic Speed Limit Signs (ESLS) Installation

Installation of Electronic Speed Limits Signs.

CCTV Installation

Installation of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Systems.

Side Road Activation System (SRAS) Installation

Installation of Side Road Activation Systems.

Overheight Detection System

Installation of Overheight Detection Systems.

Car Park Systems

Installation & Maintenance of Electronic Car Park Systems.

Point of Supply (POS) Installation

Installation of Electric Point of Supply (POS)

Our Team

With an experienced team of highly trained Operators we are unequally placed to provide the highest quality service for all requirements.


Sales & Operations Contacts

Dean Kavoukas
General Manager / Business Development Manager
Mobile: 0429 605 365
Email: kris@dls-group.com.au

Noel Stoddart
Project Manager
Mobile: 0421 647 714
Email: noel@dls-group.com.au