When Quality & Experience Matter

Our Services

  • Project Management
  • Department of Transport (VicRoads)
    • Electronic Speed Limit Signs (ESLS)Solar & Hard Wired
    • Side Road Activation Systems
    • New Traffic Signal Sites
    • Travel Time Signs
    • ITS Civils
  • Rail Industry Compliant
  • Equipment Wet & Dry Hire
  • Asbestos Removal (ACM) Class B Licence

  • Underground Network Construction or Maintenance
    • Underground Asset Location Identification
    • Horizontal Directional Digging
    • Non Destructive Digging
      • Excavation
      • Trenching
      • Asset Location Proving
      • Pit & Pipe Installation
      • Rod & Roping of Cable Placement
      • Cable Hauling
      • Concrete Cutting & Drilling
      • Reinstatement Works
      • Concrete Foundation & Slabs


  • Accredited Contractor PowerCor & Citipower
  • VEDN & VESI Approved Contractor
    • Pit, Pipe & Trenching for High Voltage & Low Voltage
    • Installation of Bedding Sand & Back Fill
    • Installation of Marker Tap & Cover Slabs
    • Kiosk S/S Site Construction – Excavation & Slab
    • Low Voltage Underground Cable Hauling
    • High Voltage Underground Cable Hauling
    • Installation of Earthing Systems
    • Worksite Civil Auditor 

What We Do Best

Our experience and commitment to quality makes us the outstanding choice for all Civil work projects.

Project Management

Our over four decades of experience makes us uniquily qualified to manage small and large projects from start to finish and deliver exceptional results.  

Electronic Speed Limit Signs (ESLS) Solar & Hard Wired

Installation of Department of Transport (VicRoads) Electronic Speed Limit Signs.

Side Road Activation Systems

Installation of of Department of Transport (VicRoads) Side Road Activation Systems.

New Traffic Signal Sites

Turnkey solutions for the installation of new and remodelled Traffic Signal Sites.

Travel Time Signs

Installation of Department of Transport (VicRoads) Travel Time Signs.

ITS Civils

Full range of Civil Works for Intelligent Transport Systems.

Rail Industry Compliant

Employees and equipment compliant with with Rail Industry Worker (RIW) requiernets.

Equipment Wet & Dry Hire

Full range of Civil works equipment ion including Non Destructive Digging vehicles available for Wet or Dry Hire.

Asbestos Removal

Qualified & experienced asbestos removal and asbestos pit replacement.

Accredited Contractor PowerCor & Citipower

Accredited & experienced PowerCor & Citipower contractor.

VEDN & VESI Approved Contractor

Rang of services provided under VEDN & VESI Accreditation including Pit, Pipe & Trenching for High & Low Voltage, Cabling for High & Low Voltage, Installation of Bedding Sand & Back-fill  & Installation of Earthing Systems

Underground Network Construction or Maintenance

Full range of services for Underground Network Construction or Maintenance including Underground Asset Location Identification, Horizontal Directional Drilling, Non Destructive Digging, Pit & Pipe Installation, Rod & Roping for cable Placement, Cable Hauling, Concrete Cutting & Drilling, Reinstatement Works & Concrete Foundation & Slabs.

Our Team

With an experienced team of highly trained Operators we are unequally placed to provide the highest quality service for all requirements.


Sales & Operations Contacts

Kris Barlow
General Manager / Business Development Manager
Mobile: 0417 549 977
Email: kris@dls-group.com.au

Noel Stoddart
Project Manager
Mobile: 0421 647 714
Email: noel@dls-group.com.au